About  Gor

Starting in the 1960s,  a series of science fiction/fantasy novels was written by John Lange under the pen name of John Norman.  The first of what was to eventually be 32 books was Tarnsman of Gor.  They created, in great detail, a world called Gor or Counterearth - so named because it can not be seen from earth as it is in the same orbital plane, but opposite and always behind the sun.

Beginning in the early 1990's, there was a resurgence of interest in these books that had a strong dominance/submissive character to their stories.  Many people began to literally adopt much of the culture that novels detailed about the people of Gor, most notably that it was a world truly dominated by men in most areas, and that women were subservient or even enslaved.  Norman's  world of Gor was a very harsh place of wilderness filled with fearsome beasts and connected only by loosely scattered cities and ports on the sea called Thassa.  What evolved is a Gorean lifestyle - very similar to the dominance and submission as seen in much more traditional, non-fantasy human culture.  It can be strict, albeit with some interesting twists and exceptions.  For many others Gor is a role exchange that can be highly erotic between a dominant and a submissive, though not necessarily a dominant man and a submissive woman - the reverse can also be true.  This can also be extended into a lifestyle choice.

mIRC is a form of relay chat that allows the creation of channels (chatrooms), not only those Gorean, but channels of nearly any subject and from nearly every country of the world.  It allows the recreation of various of Gorean "cities" and "households" and even permits travel between them. Everything is created in words alone, and the worlds and the people in them can truly be beautiful.  Each person there is either a Free person (a dominant) or slave (kajira)  though not all slaves are owned, (as I said, some interesting twists).  All people in the caste of the Free persons include everything you would have on any world, in any culture, real or fantasy.  These are the castes of Warriors, Physicians, Scribes, Clergy (of sorts--called Initiates directly borrowed from the fantasy series) Builders, Peasants, Herdsmen, Fishers, Hunters, Slavers  etc. There is also a rebel caste of women called Panthers who defy the notion of male supremacy. For many this is erotic play, for others a chance to simply chat and interact with good friends, but there is never dull moment in mIRC  Gor!



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